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  • marzo 06, 2015
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Regardless of your age or the number of teeth you need to replace, we can come up with a dental implant solution that is right for you. Other than growing children, anyone can benefit from implants, including those with the following health concerns:

Existing Medical Conditions – Generally, if you are able to sit through a routine dental treatment, then you can have an implant placed. While there are precautions that should be taken for people with certain conditions, patients with chronic diseases like high blood pressure and diabetes are usually successful candidates for dental implant treatment.

Gum Disease or Problem Teeth – Almost all implants placed in patients who have lost their teeth to periodontal disease or decay have been successful.

Currently Wearing Partials or Dentures – If you have removable bridges or dentures, implants can be used to replace these or to stabilize your dentures to make them more comfortable.

Smokers – While the success rate of implants is lower for smokers, it is still possible for smokers to get them. Ask us for more details and information.

Bone Loss – People who have lost teeth or periodontal disease commonly suffer from bone loss. Dr Moran has the experience and training necessary to safely and permanently secure the implant.

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  • buen dia.

    por este conducto me permito hacerle llegar las siguientes preguntas.

    yo perdi el diente de la parte delantera uno de los centrales, y quiero reemplazarlo de igual manera tengo un diente picado y quiero ponerle recina, cual seria el costo y si tienen fascilidades de pago ya que trabajo en una empresa maquiladora y como podran saber el sueldo no es muy alto, ojala tenga respuesta de estas dudas.

    DIOS los bendiga.

  • Ernesto de la fuente gallegos dice:

    Quiero saber el presupuesto de 4 implantes permanentes dientes frontales

  • Elsa Aguirre Santos dice:

    Buen dia si me podría dar el costo de un implante de 1 diente de frente. Y ver que costo sera. Y si hay descuentos.gracias. soy de mexico de veracruz.

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