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From the initial phone call to get pricing information, to the emails/on line appointment scheduling with Andrea Moran, to Edgar Ulloa the driver, the office staff: and of course the dentists – everything was great! My first procedure was a root canal performed by Dr. Romeo Olmas assisted by Dra. Yvette Ordaz. It was totally professional and done without the extraction or post recommended by my local dentist. My treatment was then performed by Dr. Julio Nevarez assisted by Dra. Ariannna Escalantes in the most gentle, compassionate, caring, professional manner I have ever experienced in a dental office. I had eight crowns and several filings done to perfection – my bite is better than it ever was.

I thank everyone at NuCleo Dental Laser and Implant Center for taking great care of me, a very grateful patient.

Muchas Gracias, Mis Amigos JohnMcCann

John Me Cann
Taos, New Mexico, USA
14 marzo 2013

 I have had extensive dental services at Nucleo Dental that included surgical extractions with the goal of having mini dental implants. When I came to Nucleo Dental, my dental history was like a train wreck so Dr. Moran had to put me back together like “Humpty Dumpty”. My mini dental implants are great. Before I had my mini dental implants, I was limited in my ability to eat certain foods. Now I can enjoy a meal. Aesthetically, my appearance has greatly improved.

The dental services at Nucleo Dental are superior and I thank God that I made the decision to seek services at Nucleo Dental. The staff are professional and accommodate their clients in scheduling appointments and coordinate shuttling to and from their hotels (thanks Edgar). I stayed and recommend Hotel Casa Bonita (which has a 4 star rating) in the vicinity of U.S. Consular Office in Juarez. I have also stayed in EI Paso; however, it is less expensive and more convenient to have stayed at Maria Bonita. I recommend to anyone requiring simple and/or major dental services to call and schedule an appointment with Dr. Moran’s Nucleo Dental Clinic. 

Florie Alire
Albuquerque, NM
14 marzo 2013

 I just wanted to write a short letter of appreciation to Dr Moran and all the staff at Nucleo Dental in Juarez, Mexico. My son Robert and I have been going to Dr. Moran for monthly treatments since March. During these visits the drivers and staff at Nucleo Dental have made us feel safe and secure, all while providing clean professional and friendly service. You could not find a better dental facility anywhere. Many thanks to all the Doctors and staff at Nucleo Dental. 

Adrian Baca
18 enero 2011

 Dear Dr. Ernesto Moran & to everyone reading this joyful message,

Now my perfectly beautiful teeth match my lovely smile. In great appreciation, I would like to express my heartfelt thanks to you & your entire staff for their excellent quality dental treatments I received. Indeed, I’m joyful because of your affordable prices & extremely happy results. 😀

From the time I spoke with your friendly-well informed-administration (and promptly picked up & returned back to the USA by an angel ~ Edgar), it was a blessing to be kindly & compassionately taken care. Your services exceeded all levels I’ve ever known & the icing on the cake is that I didn’t have to drive
after my dental procedure.

It amazes me to know that Nucleo Dental Clinic professional staff consists of all dental procedures (from implant & periodontics, oral surgeon, orthodontics, general dentistry) all in one office. I know I’m in good hands & I felt as if I was visiting a dental spa.

What I appreciate the most is your compassionate professionalism implemented. Thank you so very much for respecting exactly my wants & needs.

Nucleo Dental Clinic is absolutely the best place to have any dental work done for the fraction of what it would cost here in the States. Thank you for making my beautiful teeth so affordable. I’ve traveled all over the world and been in many chairs, Dr. Moran you are absolutely the best!!!

It is clear that everyone at Nucleo are dedicated & motivated by the purpose behind the day-to-day tasks believing that what you do makes a difference. My teeth & smile are a good example of outstanding & exceptional work. I look & feel good. I can happily eat, too! 😉

Because of your highly trained, caring & dedicated staff, I feel as if you are my family. Thank you, thank you. I love my perfectly beautiful teeth that match my lovely smile.

Best regards, Anna Colby 

Anna Colby
25 febrero 2010

 Dr. Ernesto Moran has been my dentist for at least fifteen years. Maybe longer. Because of his expertise, I have beautiful and very functional dental implants — implants that I was able to afford, that work the way they’re supposed to work, and that look great. The money saved by getting American-quality dental work performed in Mexico is extraordinary. I certainly recommend this doctor and his team of young doctors to new patients from America. 

Lana Fox
El Paso TX
07 enero 2010

 I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for the quality dental work that you and your associates have performed on me. Prior to coming to Nucleo I did a considerable amount of internet research and then physically going to different clinics in Juarez and Ojinaga. I stopped my search after visiting Nucleo. I found none of the others compared to the services you offer. Your staff, facility and equipment were better than any I have encountered, and with each appointment I have been treated as a friend, not just a paying patient. I will, without hesitation, recommend Nucleo to my family and friends and all those who want the best treatment possible.

Sincerely, Ronald Ray 

Ronald Ray
07 enero 2010

 Dr. Ernesto Moran Garcia and his entire Nucleo clinic staff at are an outstanding dental group. My wife and I have been going to Dr. Moran for more than two years for our entire dental needs. We have had many procedures, such as implants, bridge work, crowns, and cleaning. We are so satisfied with the excellent quality of care that we have introduced the clinic to our friends and family members, who are extremely happy with the service and care they receive.
The Nucleo Dental Implants Clinic is extremely clean and friendly, and uses state of the art technology at a very reasonable cost. In addition to all of this, the clinic provides excellent, free and private transportation to and from El Paso, Texas. We are completely satisfied with the service, treatments, professionalism, and personable care. It is reassuring to be treated as a special patient, a rarity today. 

Jim & Kathleen Saka
07 enero 2010

 I have been treated at Nucleo Dental on three occasions and found the facility clean and well managed. The staff is courteous and accommodate the patient in a professional manner. The care and treatment I received was of a high standard and equals or exceeded that dental care received in the United States during my 70 years. Dr. Moran utilizes the latest technology , some of which i have not seen used in the offices of local dentists. 

Dan Egan
05 septiembre 2009